Who Swings?

Swingers come from every level in society.

Over the years that we have been swinging (since 1974) we have met people from every level of society, from super rich land owners to hard working bar staff.

Once we shed the trappings of wealth and get naked we are all the same.

Swingers are all looking for the same thing; The fulfillment of our sexual fantasies.

Swingers all have different reasons for swinging.

For some people swinging is a way to keep their sex life exciting, or to bring it back to life if it has gone stale. Bringing a new person or people into your bedroom is a great way to spice things up. Watching your partner play with someone while you are having sex with another person is very exciting and stimulating. There are many different combinations of partners to experiment with.

In some relationships a partner is no longer able to have sex, but they are happy for their partner to have sex with others.

Some couples have mismatched sexual desires, where one partner needs sex much more than the other.


In the time David has been swinging discrimination on all fronts has been reducing.

In the last couple of years discrimination against bi-sexual males has been reducing, whereas in the past if a man admitted to being bisexual he was barred from most clubs and parties.

We have not encountered discrimination against people of different skin colours at swingers clubs and parties in the last 15 years, in many places the mixtures of different nationalities and skin colours is celebrated and enjoyed.

Discrimination against bisexual females was eliminated more that 40 years ago in most swingers clubs.

The only discrimination we see a lot of (even have issues with at our own events) is discrimination against older swingers. We welcome couples and single ladies of all ages (we have a few single ladies in their mid 60's who enjoy most parties) but we have had to put an age cap of 45 on single men, as the couples stopped attending when we allowed older single men to attend.

How many people swing?

We cannot get any statistics for swingers in The Philippines, as swinging is still in an early stage of development.

Most countries in Europe and North America now have a swinging population of about 25% of the adult population.

It takes time for the swinging population to grow, the percentage in the 1970 for the UK and USA was about 10% of the adult population, a growth of about 0.5% per year.