What is Swinging?

Swinging is all about having fun.

Swinging NEVER involves a payment for sex. Any person charging for sex is not a swinger, they are prostitutes.

Swingers are people who live an open relationship, having sex with people other than their life partner, but with their partners knowledge and consent.

Swingers are people who have grown up emotionaly and understand that Love and Sex are two different things and that neither is dependent upon the other.

Most swingers are couples who have fun with other couples. They use the thrill of having sex with other people to "spice up" their own sex lives.

Swinging is not the same for everyone, people who enter the swinging lifestyle choose to do so to improve and enhance their relationship, not to replace it.

Husbands or wives entering the swinging scene without the agreement and blessing of their partners are not "Genuine Swingers", they are cheating on their partners.

Swinging takes many forms, as each couple experiment to find out what gives them the most enjoyment.

All of the following are commonly regarded as part of the swinging lifestyle:

  1. Partner Swapping (also known as wife swapping, but as the lifestyle is driven by women a more accurate term would be husband swapping)
  2. Three somes - A couple invite a woman or man to join them for sex
  3. Group Sex - Where several people have sex together
  4. Voyeurism - Where someone likes to watch others (often their own partner) having sex
  5. Sex with strangers - Where a couple will meet someone in a bar, a club or on a beach and invite them to join them for sex.
  6. Greedy Girls (women who like multiple partners at the same time)
  7. Cougars (Older women who like younger men (cubs))
  8. Cuckolding (Women going out for sex with other men while their partners have to stay home and wait to hear about what she has been doing)